Before using a diagnostic imaging method, there is usually a clear indication in a doctor's referral, a treatment-relevant, generally valid examination protocol dependent on the indication, or a diagnosis. We have compiled a comprehensive catalogue of indications, which contributes to the targeted and efficient use of our relevant diagnostic method.

Thoracic organs

Description Primary Secondary Tertiary
Lungs and mediastinum
screening patients at risk Low-dose CT
"classic" pneumonia CT
treatment-resistant pneumonia CT
viral & atypical pneumonia CT
evidence and characterisation of solitary intrapulmonary coin lesions CT PET-CT
primary lung cancer staging CT PET-CT MRT
lung metastases CT
evidence and characterisation of interstitial lung disease CT
pleural diseases CT MRT PET-CT
pulmonary emphysema CT
bronchiectasis, pulmonary fibrosis CT
mediastinal and hilar lymphadenopathies CT PET-CT
characterisation of mediastinal tumours CT MRT
thoracic trauma CT
heart failure Echo
heart defects/valvular heart disease Echo MRT Cardiac catheter
CAD/bypass vessels (low to medium pre-test probability) CT angiography Stress MRT Cardiac catheter
CAD (high pre-test probability) Cardiac catheter Stress MRT Scintigraphy
pericardial diseases Echo CT MRT
cardiac tumours Echo MRT CT
tumour versus atrial thrombus Echo CT MRT
cardiomyopathies Echo MRT
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