Before using a diagnostic imaging method, there is usually a clear indication in a doctor's referral, a treatment-relevant, generally valid examination protocol dependent on the indication, or a diagnosis. We have compiled a comprehensive catalogue of indications, which contributes to the targeted and efficient use of our relevant diagnostic method.

Spinal column & spinal cord

Description Primary Secondary Tertiary
acute spinal column trauma CT
spinal stenosis/foraminal stenosis MRT CT
spondylitis, spondylodiscitis MRT CT
spondyloarthropathy, facet syndrome MRT CT
spinal disc herniation
cervical spine, thoracic spine and lumbar spine MRT CT
myelopathy and radiculopathy (major spinal disc herniation, extramedullary tumour, metastasis) MRT
progressive myelopathy (tumour, syrinx, vascular malformation, cervical disc herniation) MRT
acute, non-traumatic myelopathy (e.g.: haemorrhaging, infarct, myelitis) MRT
fluctuating myelopathy (e.g.: MS) MRT
medullary trauma/effects of trauma MRT
post-operative changes (recidive hernia versus scar) MRT CT
congenital disorders MRT CT
arachnoiditis MRT
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