Before using a diagnostic imaging method, there is usually a clear indication in a doctor's referral, a treatment-relevant, generally valid examination protocol dependent on the indication, or a diagnosis. We have compiled a comprehensive catalogue of indications, which contributes to the targeted and efficient use of our relevant diagnostic method.


Description Primary Secondary Tertiary
Screening – normal patient Mammography Sonography MR mammography
Screening – high-risk patient Sonography & MR mammography
prosthetic rupture, prosthetic defects MR mammography
Evidence of/ruling out carcinomas
-for prostheses MR mammography Mammography Sonography
-for post-operative care: scar versus recidive MR mammography Mammography Sonography
-for mammographically dense glandular parenchyma and unclear sonographic result MR mammography Biopsies
-for inconclusive mammography and sonographic result MR mammography Biopsies
evidence of/ruling out multifocal, multicentric and contralateral carcinomas (situation with high probability of women developing breast cancer BI-RADS IV and V) MR mammography
monitoring/response assessment of neoadjuvant chemotherapy MR mammography
primary tumour search for metastases of unknown primary origin (CUP syndrome) MR mammography Mammography PET-CT
unfeasible galactography MR mammography
unremarkable mammography of biopsy-confirmed axillary lymph node metastasis MR mammography
pectoralis muscle invasion MR mammography
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