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Sabine Barbara Ogris

Curriculum vitae
  • Name: Sabine Barbara Ogris
  • Place of birth: Vienna
  • Nationality: Austria
School education
  • Primary school: 1970-1974, 1130 Vienna
  • Grammar school: 1974-1982, Neusprachliches Gymnasium St. Ursula, 1230 Vienna
University education
  • Study programme in Medicine: 1982–1988, the University of Vienna
  • Doctoral graduation: 01.07.1988
Postdoctoral training in a complementary subject
  • Institute of Pathology, Hietzing Hospital (Prof. Dr. W. Dutz) 1988–1989
  • Department of Oncology, Hietzing Hospital (Doz. Dr. G. Baumgartner) 1989
  • Bad Ischl Public Hospital (Prof. Dr. Gmeiner) 1990–1991, internal medicine, neurology
  • Hanusch Hospital 1991–1993, internal medicine, trauma surgery, paediatrics
  • Acupuncture diploma 1997
Postdoctoral specialist training
  • Central X-ray Institute of Wilhelminen Hospital (Prof. Dr. H. Umek): training to become a radiology specialist 1993-2000
  • Specialist examination part 1 1994
  • Specialist since January 2000 with a focus on mammography, ultrasound, conventional X-ray, MRT, CT
  • Advanced Training Diploma of the Austrian Medical Chamber February 2012
  • Collective case examination in breast screening July 2013