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Michael Radauer

Curriculum vitae
  • Name: Michael Radauer
  • Date and place of birth: Vienna on 13.07.1962
  • Nationality: Austria
School education
  • Primary school: Neulandschule, Alfred-Wegener-Gasse 10-12, 1190 Vienna
  • Grammar school: HGRG 19, Billrothstraße 73, 1190 Vienna
  • Secondary school leaving examination: 1982
University education
  • Study programme in Medicine: 1982–1991, the University of Vienna
  • Doctoral graduation: 08.03.1991
Postdoctoral training in a complementary subject
  • 1998 Vienna General Hospital, Vienna, University Hospital of Internal Medicine I (director: Prof. Huber)
  • Military service and training to become a military anaesthesiologist assistant 1991–1992
    (Van-Swieten Barracks, Stammersdorf)
  • Stockerau Public Hospital, Department of Surgery (director: Prim. Gerald Brandstetter)
  • Stockerau Public Hospital, Department of Surgery (director: Prim. Cermak)
  • Vienna General Hospital, University Hospital of Anaesthesia (director: Prof. Michael Zimpfer)
Postdoctoral specialist training
  • 1993–1999 Vienna General Hospital, University Hospital of Radiodiagnostics, Vienna
    (directors: Prof. Pokieser, Prof. Lechner)
    X-ray cons.
    X-ray surg.
    Interventional Radiology
  • Department of Radiology of the Paediatric Hospital
  • Radiation protection course 1996
Medical and organisational activities
  • Lecturer at Glanzing Nursing School 1994–1995
  • Lecturer at Lainz School for Radiology Technical Assistants 1995–1996