Before using a diagnostic imaging method, there is usually a clear indication in a doctor's referral, a treatment-relevant, generally valid examination protocol dependent on the indication, or a diagnosis. We have compiled a comprehensive catalogue of indications, which contributes to the targeted and efficient use of our relevant diagnostic method.


Description Primary Secondary Tertiary
Female pelvis
screening Sonography
congenital disorders of the vagina, uterus and adnexa Sonography MRT
staging of cancer of the uterus, cervix, vagina and bladder MRT CT
endometriosis MRT
pelvic congestion syndrome MRT
ovarian cancer staging CT MRT
differentiation: adnexal versus uterine expansions with unclear ultrasound result MRT CT
differentiation: uterine fibroid versus adenomyosis uteri MRT
unclear pelvic complaints with negative ultrasound result MRT CT
inflammatory processes & fluid accumulation in the pelvis MRT CT
pelvic floor failure MRT
pelvic trauma CT
Male pelvis
congenital disorders of the testicles, seminal vesicles and prostate gland MRT Sonography
inflammatory processes & fluid accumulation in the pelvis CT MRT
characterisation of testicular tumours Sonography MRT
testicular tumour staging CT MRT
inflammatory, neoplastic processes of the testicles and/or penis Sonography MRT
pelvic trauma CT MRT
clinical/laboratory suspicion of prostate cancer MRT
chronic pelvic pain syndrome MRT
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